Yes, Yanun Project services is registered with Supply Nation and part of Australia’s largest database of verified Indigenous businesses. Supply Nation’s Indigenous Business Direct, is mandated by the Federal Government in the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP) as the first port of call for procurement officers to search for Indigenous suppliers to fulfill their targets.

Commonwealth buyers can engage directly with Yanun Project Services for contracts of any size and value using the Indigenous Business Exemption (Exemption 16) in the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.

The practice of non-Indigenous companies either creating a business structure where the shareholding percentage is technically enough to qualify as an Aboriginal business or attempting to misrepresent themselves as Aboriginal businesses in a bid to win contracts under the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP). This can take the form of establishing shadow businesses with Indigenous owners and limited or even no staff to win the work and subcontract the parent organisation to deliver. Yanun Project Services is 100% Indigenous owned and controlled. It’s Managing Director, David Mallett, is a proud Ngarrindjeri man from Adelaide’s South East.

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Ange Saunders, Head of Country, Internal Organisation for Migration (Marshall Islands)