What is Yanun’s First Nations Development Program

Yanun is passionate about creating training and employment pathways for First Nations people. We believe that good quality jobs can better individuals, families and lift up our whole community. The program is based on cadetship style on the job skills-based training, through our strategic partnerships with host organisations. Successful candidates will undergo formal Project Management / Project Controls training complimentary to their everyday activities. Given Yanun’s understanding of organisation needs and the challenges often faced by First Nations people, we provide professional mentorship and cultural connection support throughout the program.

Interested First Nations

Are you looking for a sustainable career in growth industries? Through Yanun’s strategic partnerships, we can train you in project management fields such as Project Administrator, Contract Administrator, Junior Assistant Project Manager and more. Yanun’s program offers minimum 12 months full-time employment, with a competitive salary whilst you work towards a Certificate IV in Project Management Practice.

"I am so grateful to Yanun and BHP for the opportunity to gain a professional career. I feel safe and supported to learn and my confidence is improving day by day.

I value the mentorship and guidance I received from Dave, and I just love turning up everyday to work!" - Timmy Sumner

Interested Host Employer

As a host organisation you will be responsible for providing on the job training, including tasks and activities complementary to the development pathway. Our Yanun employee is to be treated as a genuine member of the host team and provided a culturally safe working environment. Yanun manages recruiting, salaries, including cost of leave accruals, employment administration, mentoring and cultural support. The host organisation is invoiced monthly, based on an agreed day rate.


First nations development program

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